There are few Luxury Hotel Furniture Suppliers in India who are capable of making the quality and finish required by luxury hotels as the demand for a high standard of everything in the hotel is the expectation of the customer.

We at Liberty Furniture branded as Dynasty are one of the chosen ones from almost all the five-star hotels or luxury hotels. The intricate design and minute detailing using the finest wood available are the key parameters other than the best craftsman available for the job makes a company capable to be a luxury furniture manufacturer.

What makes luxury furniture different from other furniture?

The exceptional Quality with international class finish makes the luxury furniture different from others, where we do not leave possible shortcomings in the material, joints, and polish. The Best of woods like Teak wood, Beech wood, Ash wood and Oak wood are used to make luxury furniture they are dense, strong, durable, and have very less moisture content which is very important as the joints get loose with wood expansion in the rainy season and contraction in the winter season. So the low moisture content wood is used to make furniture that will look good and last long.

On these hardwoods, the carving and inlay work comes out very clearly as if it has been carved on the stone so their woods are perfect for making luxury furniture. The luxury furniture is made purely by solid wood, with no plywood or particle wood is used. In fixed furniture, the furniture is processed with veneers like Sapele, walnut, mahogany, beech, rosewood, oak and rest of valuable wooden veneer.

The Types of Luxury Furniture

The luxury furniture is mostly used in premium hotel furniture, resorts, and high-end residential properties. The hotel room, public area and outdoor the main places where the furniture is used. To enhance the luxury of the place the theme of the furniture in mostly of old type or the royal era of the recent world around period of 16th century in past, when the palaces were experimenting with the different royal styles of furniture from Jacobean, William and Mary, Queen Anne, Pennsylvania Dutch, Louis XVI, Chippendale, Hepplewhite, Sheraton, Federal, American Empire, Victorian, Arts and Craft, Art Deco, and Contemporary.

Nowadays the luxury furniture is the mix of the different era including the modern designs created by recent talented furniture designers. So the luxury furniture type is taken from either past era or modern design depending on the theme, local area grace or the taste of the owner/architect.

Modern Furniture Styles

Modern furniture styles are mix of functionality, comfort and artistry, over the centuries the furniture has evolved from necessity to functionality to new designs to luxury in that process that furniture has evolved in interesting ways.

Mostly the modern term describe the nowadays furniture, the list of present furniture designs include the mix and match of different era in luxury furniture starting from very old box type furniture to recent experiment with composite material which is mix of metal, plastic and jointed with wood is used to make an statement of modern furniture.

Styles of Luxury furniture

Antique furniture which is more than a century old typically has ornate and unique details of that time. Traditional furniture it is of Queen Anne, Sheraton and Chippendale styles it ornamental and graceful designs and tapered legs.

American Colonial having very old Jacobean, Pennsylvania Dutch, Queen Mary, Queen Anne and Chippendale styles it is said to be colonial since it is from British colonial period. Vintage furniture this furniture is having designs at least 50 years old to 100 years and mostly available as second hand. Retro furniture is colorful furniture having traces of pop culture is around 3 to 4 decades old.

Rustic furniture it is typical cozy simple and more functional less ornate furniture found in homes mostly made of timber to give rustic look with calf leather, linen and seat filled with cotton. American Design Furniture the Bassett furniture which describe the American design is unique combination of leather, metal and stone to look hand crafted, strong and sturdy.

Modern Furniture is the very early nineteenth century furniture made of monochromatic colors with vinyl, leather, steel and plastic. Minimalism Furniture it is from modern Scandinavian contemporary with arts and craft furniture, most plain and simple with straight lines, round shapes and smooth edges, gives the area of empty or open space. Relaxed Modern merge the Minimalistic furniture made mostly from Oak with cozy and plush seating decorated with brass and nickel.

Contemporary Furniture The present day furniture is the contemporary furniture. Shabby Chic Furniture it date back to eighties England with vintage furniture decorated with paint and brush effects mostly white. Casual Luxe Furniture the sophisticated style and neutral color and rustic look of Bassett style refined but casual feel furniture. Urban Collective it has the touch of industrial and seventies designs with used wood and metal mix applied with washed out finishes and handmade upholstery.

We at Liberty Furnitures branded as Dynasty is leading manufacturer of almost every type of luxury furniture having experience of 32 years we have created almost every type of furniture. The premium or five-star hotels mostly have architects, which are from best design house all over the world. It is a great pleasure to work with then and create unique luxury designs which are described earlier.