Different Types of Modular Kitchen Shutter Types


The shutters you install can either change the appearance of your kitchen, therefore it is important to pay attention to the type of material, the finish, style or color. There are numerous options you can pick from, and knowing them all will allow you to choose the best one within your budget.

Shutters are an essential element of kitchen design. They are the exterior design of the shelves as well as the drawers. Knowing the various kinds of shutters is useful when selecting the exterior appearance that you will be using for the exterior of the modular kitchen. Below are some kinds of shutters. 

Types of Kitchen Shutters

  1. Laminates Laminates come with the base material to which the laminated mica sheets are fixed. The base material could include MDF or waterproof Ply. They are the most popular type of shutters, the majority of them are non-scratch. They are available in various colors and patterns. They come with either a matt or gloss finish.
  2. Acrylic Shutters made of acrylic have acrylic sheets laminated with water-proof MDF boards. Because they are durable, they keep their style for a long time. The shutters that are made of this material resist weathering and fading from the elements. They are also water-resistant. They have a high-gloss appearance and are heavy on your pocket.
  3. Lacquered shutters that are lacquered are wooden or metal surfaces painted using a liquid known as lacquer. When it dries, it creates an extremely shiny, hard surface. The surface is moisture and dust resistant. It has a style that is identical to Acrylic.
  4. Neolith Neolith Neolith is a light sintered stone that is created by mixing natural clays, silica, and Feldspar at high temperatures. It was initially invented in Spain and is now popular throughout the world. The material is low maintenance and UV-resistant.
  5. Veneer Veneer is a fine layer of hardwood that is joined or glued to a submerged surface. They require some maintenance because they need to be cleaned from time to time. Veneers look beautiful, are as beautiful as real wood, and provide a luxurious feel to furniture.
  6. Glass Glass is reflective, which increases visibility. Also, it increases the perception that there is more space within the kitchen. Glass looks great with other kitchen components like laminate, acrylic, wood and so on. And it is no doubt that it adds a style factor. Glass shutters are, naturally, to be more expensive than the other shutters.

It's not easy to choose the right type of shutter in one paragraph. We advise you to speak with the experts from Dynasty furniture for further details.

#1: Hinge/Swing Shutter

If you are a fan of old-fashioned designs, Swing door shutters are a great choice. However, this doesn't mean that you must endure noisy hinges. Make sure you have high-quality cabinet hardware that will last longer and doesn't damage the shutters in the end. Play around with the handles , or opt for sleek cabinets with no handles. There are also options to choose among a traditional shutter or the frosted glass option to enhance the look in your kitchen.


#2: Simply Lift-up

The majority of us would like to make the most of the storage space in our kitchens by incorporating the most space-efficient shelves and wall units. If you look at the most modern modular kitchens found in many homes, there are shelves that lift up in the walls. This is ideal for those who like everything to be within reach. If you're busy with cooking activities, you'll just need to lift your finger to open the cabinets. They're very easy to use and noiseless also.

#3: Effortless Soft Close

Modern-day families are aware of noisy cutting trays, shutters, and drawers that produce an awn when you close the drawers in a hurry. If you are in this type of situation, then you need to get the soft-close mechanisms for drawers. Whatever you force them to close they will never hit the carcass. This is not just a way to make your units last longer, it also reduces the operating noise that your kitchen produces.

#4: Roller-up for Appliances

Tandem units, also known as roller shutters, which is what they are generally referred to as are among the most useful inventions you can have to add to your kitchen. Why Is that? In reality, it's difficult for kitchens to remain neat and tidy on a regular basis especially if you enjoy cooking. Roller shutters can assist you to keep your kitchen appliances in place when they are not in use while keeping your counters clean. It's smooth and doesn't produce much noise like you may think, considering it.

#5: Easy Flap-up

Flap-up shutters for cabinets come in two versions- double and single flap. They are an extension of the lifting mechanism. It is great for wall cabinets when there's too little space to install an open-door cabinet. Both variations of this mechanism are equally effective and you can select the one that suits your preference and the height of the cabinet overhead. Glass or frosted glass shutter is the most attractive when it comes to this type of shutter.

#6: Retracting Drawers

Drawers that retract are the best companions for lazy chefs. And it's not just us who believe this. In a recent informal chat with one of our customers from Gurgaon told us that he adores the retracting drawers in the kitchen since he usually prefers to open them. It is the fact that they gradually close themselves on their own is what he appreciates the most. You can cook in peace while the drawers shut by themselves.

Once you've figured out what devices you can purchase from your cabinetry, don't opt for the typical. Enjoy cooking and let the kitchen equipment assist you in it