Plywood is now a requirement for every household in the present. It is a perfect match for a variety of applications, plywood has truly opened a new world of wood crafts. It doesn't matter if it's for construction or furniture, homeowners are heavily relying upon plywood panels. Because of this, the wood industry is thriving to an extent.


Dynasty's plywood boards are considered to be the best alternative to solids due to several reasons. In addition to having more strength and endurance, Our plywood boards are also immune to termites and Borers. Produced to the highest standards of international quality We offer top plywood boards that will be used in a variety of different applications. We have the top plywood for kitchens our BWP grade water-resistant plywood is the ideal choice that can stand up to exposure to water for long periods without showing signs of damage. From interior decoration to construction Dynastys plywood has been the preferred choice of homeowners all over the nation.


Despite the popularity that plywood enjoys, many people are not conscious of the entire range of plywood. Some consumers are often confused as to the best plywood to use for what. Don't worry! It's not as difficult as it appears. Here's some advice to choose the right plywood boards that you can use for kitchens.


The kitchen is an area that is exposed to lots of moisture and water frequently. So, using just solid wood for cabinets or other kitchen areas will not make any sense. Dynasty's wide selection of plywood is a homeowner's first choice due to its strength and superior performance in wet conditions. This makes it the top plywood for kitchens.


Here's a list of Dynasty's plywood boards that can be put in your kitchen without worrying about rotting or damage:


1. BWP or waterproof plywood


BWP Grade plywood refers to Boiling Water Proof plywood, which is 100% water-resistant. Because this type of plywood can withstand long-term contact with water, it is an ideal choice if you're looking to find a suitable piece of plywood to use in your kitchen. In the same way, marine-grade Plywood is also among the top plywood options and is widely used for both outdoor and indoor areas. The plywood is highly sought-after with consumers due to its exceptional performance in damp conditions.


2. MR Grade or Commercial Plywood

MR Grade plywood refers to moisture-resistant grade. The plywood is not waterproof, however, it makes use of a waterproof glue that will work even in damp and humid conditions. The waterproof plywood does not allow the board to delaminate, and therefore is suitable for use in kitchens and other areas.



3. Firewall Plywood


Like the name implies it's a fire-resistant non-leachable timber from the building of Dynasty, which protects your possessions and you in the event of a fire! Firewall plywood, because of its lower flammability, low burn rate, and delayed penetration, offers safety as well as security by preventing fires from gaining growth. It can be used in both indoor and exterior uses, such as kitchens, food stands, offices, hospitals auditoriums, exhibition stalls as well as containers, ship interiors, and so on.


We hope that this blog clarifies the confusion surrounding the boards of plywood. Please fill out this form today and we'll be sure to assist you.