Modular kitchenmeaning a kitchen that includes small sections or modules which can be attached together to build a complete kitchen, is a contemporary concept and is fast replacing traditional Indian style kitchens. These kitchens include pre-designed furniture units and are well-suited for modern spaces, giving huge scope for customisation.

The kitchen design consists of drawers, countertops, kitchen cabinets design, micro-compartments and shelves that can be arranged to save a lot of space and to create an organised kitchen. Such kitchens are a convenient décor solution for all kinds of homes, especially smaller ones with limited space. Moreover, the setup provides convenience in terms of assembling and transportation. You get flexibility in terms of the modular kitchen themes, price, colours, finishes, designs and patterns.

Modular kitchen: Things to consider during installation

A modular kitchen is an ideal combination of beautiful décor and space utilisation. However, its installation may come as a big challenge for home owners, as it involves considerable decision making and planning.

Modular kitchen material and finishes

Investing in high-quality materials will ensure your kitchen looks appealing and serves you for years. Thus, it is essential to go for trusted brands that provide you with top-rated modular kitchen designs at the best price with long warranty periods.

Moreover, choose your materials wisely. For the kitchen area, BWR or BWP (boiling water resistant/ boiling water proof) grade plywood is an excellent choice, compared to other materials like MDF, HDF or particleboard. When it comes to finishes, laminate and acrylic are popular options available for you. The modular kitchen price will depend on BWP plywood cost that approximately ranges between Rs 80 to Rs 90 per sq ft, depending on the size and other factors.

Selecting low-maintenance materials is vital for areas like kitchens. You can combine wood and glass for the cabinets and opt for stainless sinks that are easy to clean.

Modular kitchen design countertop

Make sure the countertop height is comfortable. In India, the height is usually between 820 mm to 860 mm. However, it is better to decide after considering the average height of all the family members.

Among a wide range of countertop materials available, natural materials like marble, granite and quartz countertops are quite popular. Installation of granite countertop for a modular kitchen will cost around Rs 1,500 per sq ft. Granite for modular kitchen is available in the price range of Rs 120 to Rs 250 per sq ft, while quartz and marble for modular kitchen counters may cost around Rs 400 per sq ft.

Modular kitchen layout: The golden work triangle

The type of kitchen layout for your home will depend on the kitchen size. When installing a modular kitchen, it is essential to consider the kitchen work triangle concept. Ideally, the three focal points – the kitchen sink, the storage unit and the cooking range should be strategically placed. In a well-planned kitchen, these three elements are placed such that it maximises efficiency. Keeping the stove and storage unit opposite each other, with the sink in the centre or corner, creates a perfect triangle.

Modular kitchen for small space

You can install modular kitchens in small kitchen spaces by opting for smart designs.

  • Make the most of the space available and go for small wall cabinets that can be placed either over the window space or towards the ceiling.
  • Open corner shelves and wall-mounted plate racks work best for small kitchens, especially for keeping items that need to be within easy reach.
  • You can go for glass doors that give an illusion of more space while adding a luxurious touch to the kitchen space.
  • Colours play a crucial role when designing small spaces. Subtle hues like white make the room look spacious and brighter.