Indian kitchens are well-known for their delicious and colorful platters. Cooking in the kitchen should be relaxing and fun. Smooth cooking experience requires a spacious and smartly planned kitchen design. When it comes to designing a new kitchen or kitchen renovation, modular kitchens are making their mark undoubtedly. The modular kitchen design has proved that they can transform any ordinary kitchen into a neat and functional kitchen.

A short brief on modular kitchen

A modular kitchen is a term that is used for defining the modern layout of new-age cooking spaces. The design consists of an array of modules, including cabinets and other types of storage spaces. The primary motive of a modular kitchen is to promote effective usage of the space. The design spaces can be categorized into floor and wall units. Floor units include the kitchen units commonly known as the base units which come along with drawers. Wall units are also part of kitchen design. Both serve the purpose of kitchen storage. There are many kitchen interior design ideas as per one’s creativity, functionality and aesthetic appeal. Let’s go through some of the common ideas of modular kitchen design in India.

Some of the design trends for an Indian kitchen

The traditional shelves and storage can be replaced with classic accessories to increase beauty in the kitchen. Whether the design is traditional or contemporary, white color is always beautiful for any appearance that you’re looking for. Bold and contrast coloured kitchen shutters and cabinet are trending. Geometric patterns on the kitchen shutters also add a modern touch to the kitchen design. Handle-less kitchen cabinets add a premium touch to the kitchen design which is popular too.

Best suitable kitchen designs for Indian homes

Some of the popular kitchen design types for an Indian modular kitchen are L-shaped kitchen, U-shaped kitchen or C-shaped kitchen, single-wall kitchen or one-wall kitchen, galley kitchen or parallel kitchen. One can choose a design as per their suitability and preference. A modular kitchen can keep your kitchen clutter-free and classy. All you need is to plan the kitchen design smartly while making the space aesthetically beautiful.

Essentials of an Indian kitchen

A systematic kitchen with a good amount of storage is essential for an Indian style kitchen design. We have spices, consumables, cutleries, kitchen utensils and more that are to be included in our kitchen. It’s important to design a kitchen considering all the requirements. Dynasty have designed lift-up cabinets, pull-out drawers, rolling shutter, wall and base units to provide you a spacious kitchen with ample storage. Some of our smartly designed canister organizers, cutlery organizers, open shelves, and corner units are the demanding essentials of an Indian kitchen. We also have kitchen appliances like gas-hob, built-in refrigerator, microwave, oven, chimney, dishwasher, etc. which will surely solve your many kitchen problems making cooking easier. All of these kitchen products must be efficient, reliable and stylish.

Modular kitchen accessories

Modular kitchen accessories are great options where you can play with your choices. Apart from their basic functionality, they look surprisingly elegant and classic to make space enchanting and favorable. Some of the best modular kitchen components and accessories that can make your everyday-cooking hassle-free and should be considered in your kitchen are:

–  Drawer systems: If most of the storage items can be stored under the counter, then setting up a drawer system can be a wise choice.

–  Tall units: Tall units can be an integral part of every kitchen design. This can be a smart choice if you need to store huge amounts of groceries. Long shelves are versatile and easily fit into any corner of the kitchen room.

–  Cutlery trays: Cutlery trays are smart compartments that can store spoons, forks, rolling pins, and other cooking essentials in an organized manner. These trays are essential for keeping away the clutter and keep things handy.

–  Kitchen Corner racks: If you’re worried about the corner spaces, simply choose kitchen corner racks. They make the corners of the room accessible with the best storage facility. Kitchen accessories will make organize your kitchen along with adding beauty to your kitchen. Check the modular kitchen accessories by Dynasty.

Bringing your dream kitchen into life is now possible with these trending modular kitchen designs. Introducing a modular kitchen into your cooking space increases the efficiency and adds a touch of freshness to it. Dynasty holds expertise in modular kitchen and is a one-stop for the modular kitchen design, various kitchen components and other essentials. Choose any one of the modular kitchen designs that enhances your space and reflects your personality.